about infinity

Infinity by Raja is a fully owned subsidiary of Raja Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd owned by the Eliyapura Holdings.

The company has a proud history of over 90 years. Way back in 1928, late Mr. E.A. Fernando established E.A. Fernando Jewellers in Chattam Street. In 1962, Mr Raja Fernando, the son of Mr. E.A. Fernando, who inherited not only the craftsmanship but also the entrepreneurship elevated the business to next level and rebranded it as Raja Jewellers. Taking over from Mr. Raja Fernando in 1985 for the third generation, Mr. Ashoka Eliyapura and Mr. Athula Eliyapura, sons of Mr. Raja Fernando, registered the business as Limited Liability Company under the name of Raja Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd.

With a foundation of trust, great customer service and unique qualities, Raja Jewellers evolved to as a premium brand in Sri Lanka. With the experience of over 90 years Raja Jewellers has launched it’s youth oriented jewellery brand “Infinity”. The management of Infinity for the year 2019 includes Mr. Athula Eliyapura as the Managing Director, Mrs.Nethmini Eliyapura and Ms. Ranmini Eliyapura.